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has arrived Sioux Alaris , a model of the Sioux range 4 ALL 2022 that stands out for its unique design and incredible features for all those players who want to take the game to the next level.

It is one of the Sioux paddle rackets easier to handle, in addition, it is perfect to control your game and get powerful and fast ball outputs. It stands out for its hybrid shape and structure made of 100% fiberglass.

player type

Conceived for anyone who begins to play paddle tennis or already has a beginner-intermediate level and look for a shovel easy to handle. It has a light weight and a wide sweet spot , in addition, a medium balance that allows you to get a perfect balance and great handling.

Features and technologies

The Sioux Alaris is a hybrid mold blade , which is composed with a 100% fiberglass tubular frame and fiberglass planes, a material that helps to achieve greater flexibility allowing to achieve better control after each hit given to the ball.

He core composed of BLACK EVA RUBBER provides more powerful and faster ball outputs, and thanks to the medium balance and matte finish of the surface achieves an extra power in each hit. Includes a ShockOut anti-vibration system, that are responsible for reducing impacts and avoiding injuries to the player.

design and colors

Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding elements of the Sioux Alaris it is your design. With a elegant and sophisticated aesthetics , it is one of the most discreet padel rackets in this collection; the structure is in black with a matte finish , which prints better effects on the ball , in addition to the planes with the classic letters Sioux to the center in white and the details that stand out throughout the blade thanks to the vibrant red color.

Shovel Summary

we find a blade paddle designed for the beginning player who wants to elevate the game and advance to the next level. Built with 100% fiberglass , it guarantees all the Sioux quality . It has an exquisite design that will make you look like an elite player. get the new Sioux Alaris and let yourself be surprised by its incredible features and excellent performance.

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