New TEST RACKET service - Now you can try your racket before you buy it!

What is the test blade service ?

Our test shovel service allows you to discover and try, for free, a selection of shovels before deciding on your purchase.

Thus, you will be able to know the sensations offered by the different paddle tennis rackets and if it is what you were looking for before making your purchase.


The process to be able to test your test racket is very simple, you just have to follow these steps:

1. Choose the racket you want to try, you will be charged the full amount as a deposit.

2. Receive your racket and try it for 5 calendar days.

3A. If you like the shovel and decide to keep it, you must notify us of your decision by email to and we will send you a product collection label so that you can go to your nearest post office to make the return and we will send you a new one WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CHARGE.

3B. If you do not like the shovel, you must notify us of your decision in an email to , we will provide you with a return label and you will be charged €19.95 as a deposit for the removal of the product.

Note. If you try two, the amount as you don't keep any will continue to be €19.95 and if you like any of them we will send you the new one and we will remove the test ones without any charge.

You can try as many test blades as you want!