Choosing our first paddle tennis racket

It has happened to all of us at some point, we have to buy a new paddle tennis racket and we don't know where to start. Choosing a paddle tennis racket that suits our style of play will provide us with a lot of comfort and confidence on the court, in the same way that making the wrong choice can affect our game, or even injure us!
Each paddle tennis racket is unique and there are countless combinations of factors that make it possible, such as weight, balance, the type of fiber on the faces, the shape of the racket or the rubber of the core. Don't know how these factors affect your game? Don't worry, in this guide we tell you everything:

The paddle tennis racket based on your level of play

The paddle tennis racket that best suits your style will depend on your level of play. Before addressing it, we would like to break a very common myth when buying an item: more expensive does not mean better, and less in paddle tennis. The most expensive paddle tennis rackets are normally intended for high-level players, basically because they have a refined technique, so they don't need rackets to help them pass the ball to the other field, but rackets that can get the most out of it.

Padel rackets for beginners

For players who are starting out in paddle tennis or who do not have a very sophisticated technique, it will be advisable to opt for shovels that are comfortable on the court and that allow the ball to be returned without problems, therefore, we must bet on a shovel that transmits security to us .
There will be time in the future to be Bela, Galán or Lebrón and to buy more demanding shovels.

Padel rackets for advanced players

If you are already an expert with paddle tennis rackets, you will have a good enough technique for more aggressive rackets, which are characterized by providing greater benefits, especially
all more power. Since they have a smaller sweet spot, if we hit the ball outside the center of the blade, it stays dead and does not pass into the opponent's field.

What types of paddle tennis rackets are there?

Once we know the importance of the level of play to find the paddle tennis rackets, we move on to the next step:

How do I know what each paddle tennis racket is going to offer me? What blades are comfortable; and which blades are aggressive?

Although each paddle tennis racket on the market is unique, the combination of its materials and molds give it a different touch on the court. However, there are a number of factors with which each type of blade can be distinguished.

What are those factors? Let's see it!

The hardness of the paddle tennis racket is determined by the rubber and the type of fibers. Two types of rubber can be distinguished: EVA rubber, which offers us a medium to hard touch —its strength increases as the density of the rubber increases—; and foam or polyethylene rubber, which provides a softer touch.

Regarding the types of fiber on the face, carbon fiber stands out, which offers greater durability and hardness, and fiberglass, which will give the racket a softer touch and slightly less durability.

For seasoned players, hard blades will be the best option, since they transmit more control and power by avoiding the so-called "spring effect", which absorbs part of the force that we print.

For beginner players, soft blades are highly recommended, as they will give us extra ball output and comfort that will alleviate the lack of technique.

The shape of the paddle tennis rackets

Currently, paddle tennis rackets can be grouped into three large groups based on their shape: round-shaped rackets, hybrid or teardrop-shaped rackets, and diamond-shaped rackets.

If you are new to paddle tennis, the most appropriate shape is the round one, because it will provide us with a greater sweet spot and greater manageability, thus giving rise to greater comfort and control on the court.

For advanced players, a diamond or teardrop-shaped racket is the best option, since it will provide us with more power and thus affect our offensive game. The counterpoint of these blades is that the manageability and sweet spot is less than in round blades.

How does the balance affect your paddle tennis racket?

Depending on its balance, that is, the weight distribution along a paddle tennis racket, we can mention three types of rackets: high-balanced rackets, medium-balanced paddle rackets, and low-balanced paddle rackets .

The rackets with high balance will provide us with greater power in the blows, at the cost of reducing manageability. The rackets with medium balance are located at an intermediate point, providing regular power and medium manageability.

Finally, the blades with balance
low will give us greater manageability, making our stay on the track more comfortable, at the cost of losing power.
If you're new to paddle tennis, we recommend the use of low balance rackets, precisely because of their greater comfort and because they will prevent elbow problems. If, on the other hand, you are a player with more skill and have a refined technique, a racket with a high balance will allow us to have superior performance on the court.

What weight to choose in your paddle tennis racket?

The usual thing is that a paddle tennis racket weighs between 340 and 380 grams. If it has a very low weight, it will be very manageable, but it will transmit more vibrations to us, which can increase the chances of injury and will force us to exert more force in the blows. While a racket with a very high weight will be more difficult to move, which causes more wear on our arm, but, in turn, will require less force in the blows.


As you have been able to discover in this guide, choosing a paddle tennis racket is not an easy task and we can help you if you wish. Our reason for being is to advise you on what shovel you need. Call or write and tell us which racket you come from or if it's the first, how you play, your best shots and much more. Based on your answers, we will guide you to choose the shovel that best suits you. Free of charge and without any commitment.
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